Shrodinger The Cat

The only cat that Elon Musk owns

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& 0% Sell Tax

$DINGER utilizes a 0% Tax on buyers, this ensures each passenger is on for a one way trip to the moon, whilst those who stop off on the way also have no fees.

Is Renounced

To ensure the utmost safety towards $DINGER holders the Schrodinger The Cat Official Contract is Renounced automatically with platform

100% Burned

As a further additional safety net as well as our way of showing we believe in the power of $DINGER burning 100% of our liquidity as soon as it gets deployed.



Elon shared on his personal twitter about his pets including his cat Schrodinger which was named after Erwin Rudolf Josef Alexander Schrödinger, a Nobel Prize–winning Austrian and naturalized Irish physicist who developed fundamental results in quantum theory.

How to buy


Install Phantom

Download and install the Phantom browser extension to manage your Solana wallet.

Deposit $SOL

Fund your Phantom wallet by depositing Solana to acquire $DINGR

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Visit and connect your wallet to begin trading your $DINGR tokens.

Schrodinger Map

Phase 01

– Website Development
– Token Launch on
– Community Building
-- Raydium LP

Phase 02

-Twitter Take Over
-Community Competition
-1000 Holders

Phase 03

TBA, Stay tuned 😉


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